Our lawyer says…

Our lawyer dropped in the other day and made us promise to tell you some things (legal things that is, not things like how to get tomato stains out of a white tablecloth*). So here they are:

This blog is for information and entertainment purposes only. We link to other websites which we do not control and a link does not necessarily imply a recommendation or endorsement of any products or services they feature or views they contain.

If we are sent any products to review or feature, we will always make it clear and we won’t review or feature anything that we do not actually like!

Unless otherwise noted, Hingham House is the legal copyright holder of all material on this blog or is using material on the basis of fair use. Where we are not the copyright holder, we make every effort to attribute correctly. If you think that we have made a mistake please get in touch by email and we will try to put things right as soon as we can. You may not reproduce anything on here without our written permission.

* Open a dishwasher tablet and rub on the stain. Then rub with an ice cube and the stain should go! Wash as normal afterwards. But we can’t be responsible for any loss or damage that results from following this or any other tips in this blog.

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