Gorgeous stair risers

First of all, an apology because we could just as well have called this ‘The One With The Bad Photography Part II’. But here’s the background…

We saw this lovely staircase at the Edgartown Bookshop in Edgartown, MA on the way to dinner one evening and had to grab a picture then and there because there wasn’t going to be a better opportunity!

If you look at their website you can see a much better picture (turns out that good lighting, a decent camera and adequate time does wonders for photography – who knew?).

Anyway,  the idea is that the risers (the parts of the stair that go up, as oppose to the treads, which are the flat bits) are decorated like shelves. Their are piles of books on them and in a variety of suitable fonts are the department titles, like ‘travel’, ‘mystery’ and ‘historical fiction’. It looks great and is a clever way to decorate a staircase which really dominates the view from the door of the shop.

Inspired by this we checked out Etsy and a search on ‘stair decal’ or ‘stair sticker’ brings up a few other ideas such as chevrons, numbers, inspirational sayings and patterns that look like ceramic tiles. There are also some clever people who can custom-make decals for you! But even just painting the risers in a colour that contrasts with the walls or different shades of the same colour could look good too. Lots of possibilities for one of the most used and under-decorated parts of the house!

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