Tiger, Tiger…

Tiger, Tiger selling bright
Lovely things for our delight

We couldn’t resist this laptop case from Tiger! Who doesn’t sometimes want to look busy and important and online? 

Tiger is a Danish company which opened in 1995 and now has shops all over Europe and in Japan. As they say themselves, ‘Tiger is a place you go to explore, a place where it is fun to shop’. All their products are simple, colourful and reflect Scandinavian design but there are two important things that set them apart from other retailers.

The first is the range of things available. On our visit the other day we found stationery, kitchen goods, huge bags of herbs and spices, toys, batteries, dressing up kit, candles. door knobs, nail varnish, glasses, lamps… The second is the price – 80% of its products sell for £5 or less! All the pricing is in whole numbers, so for example £1, £2, £3, 2 for £3, 2 for £4 etc which could be why it has been described as a posh pound shop – and what’s not to love about that? (The laptop case was a whole spendy £7).

It came in this carrier bag, which shows some of the herbs and spices Tiger sells (4 million bags a year!):

The shops  themselves don’t look particularly exciting from the outside. To be honest, you can see Tiger’s discount store heritage – but it’s always worth popping in to see what’s inside. Unfortunately, Tiger doesn’t sell online but their website gives a good idea of the products available. Hundreds of new ones are introduced every month.

Chai latte or organic coconut water? Skinny flat white please – unless it’s a double espresso day!

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