Happy teardrops

We heard about this the other day – a very cool concept caravan holiday home with sliding internal doors so that the space is flexible enough to provide bedrooms, dining space, a relaxing area or a cinema for 9! (We know: a cool concept caravan – guess you just never know what you are going to type one day…)

The idea is based on Japanese design and the idea that walls can be moved to change the internal configuration of a space for different occasions. As you can see, the design is as far from the traditional, dark and old fashioned caravan as you could want.

But do you know what? Even though we are not people to whom the idea of camping comes naturally, it just made us remember that we have always really wanted one of these: a retro teardrop trailer.

A teardrop is usually 4 feet by 8 feet and the main body is a sleeping area. Cooking is done outside the trailer from a galley concealed in a lift-up hatch at the back. (This gorgeous picture is from a website called oldwoodies.com which has lots of pictures of and information about wooden framed body vehicles.) Just enough room for two. So really the other end of the spectrum from a cinema room for 9, but still a beautiful design.

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