We love a wicked good napkin

P1030637 - Version 2

We had some friends round for lunch the other day and used up the last of the paper napkins from Christmas because the gold colour seemed to go with the daffodils. (It was fun – it would have been so nice if you could have joined us!)

White linen napkins are beautiful but they are such hard work to launder and starch after every use that a well-chosen paper one seems like a more attractive option, at least for less formal events. In fact, we love a:


And that says it all really. But here are a few more from the cupboard:

You can’t go wrong with a nautical theme
Love these kitsch barbecue ones!
These are waiting for someone’s birthday (it’s their favourite vegetable)

And there is always room for more… we can’t think of an occasion when we would need these zebra napkins from the Caspari website, but we really want some anyway (you know, just in case we throw a leaving party for someone off to hunt zebra. Could happen…):


Every napkin makes a statement, some in a more obvious way than others!


If you have a wicked good napkin, why not share a picture of it on our Facebook page?

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