We’re not usually big fans of graffiti. That’s partly because although everyone has the right to self-expression, everyone else has the right to a) not be interested and b) not have their property damaged. And it’s also because for every Blek le Rat there are a gazillion people who aren’t making urban art statements, but just have a spray can.

But a few weeks ago some uplifting graffiti appeared near us – like the example above. And this one:

P1030863 - Version 2

And this one:

P1030862 - Version 2

People have been noticing them and smiling, which is always a good thing. And there’s something else. As you can see, the writing is in chalk, which is very easy to wash off. But they have all been up for a couple of weeks – which, we like to think, means that the owners of the buildings they appear on have chosen not to do so. Instead they are leaving these little messages where they are to make people smile as they go about their business.  And although, as we said, we are not big fans of graffiti, it’s difficult not to see the good in that. And who can complain about this one?

P1030864 - Version 2

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