A little idea we had brewing…


We couldn’t help but notice that recently the boot cupboard… how can we put this? We’re friends, so let’s just be honest about this. It’s a bit smelly in there. So when we saw this cool idea for making   a scented bag using a coffee filter, we decided to have a go. Here’s what we did.

First, get together the ingredients:


As you can see, a coffee filter, some bicarbonate of soda, some rosemary and a ribbon. Although we used rosemary, you could use any herbs or spices – lavender or cinnamon would be good too! Then you just add two teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda and whatever herb/spice you are using to the filter:


Then you just tie it all up with the ribbon. We also added a longer loop of ribbon too so that the bag could be hung up in the cupboard:


And that’s it. In fact, it took less time to make than it would have done to use one of those filters to make coffee! And so far, it seems to be effective. You’re just lucky that you’ll have to take our word for that!

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