Staunch Industries

We haven’t posted for a while – there’s been a lot going on! And one of the fun things* was that we discovered Staunch Industries.


Now you know with us it’s more about the great indoors than the great outdoors, right? These guys couldn’t be more different. Staunch Industries is a design-led lifestyle brand that’s all about celebrating the ruggedness of the North Sea and the wild places of Scotland.

As well as producing some amazing design work for their clients all over the world, they sell a variety of products through their website, including clothes, accessories and homewares. (There is also some amazing wallpaper coming soon). Here are some of our favourites:


‘Kelpie’ tea towel
‘Wilderness’ card and gift wrap
‘Salmon and Trout’ utility pouches
‘Sea-life candle’ scented with sea salt and coconut

You’ll have noticed that those last four photographs are too good to have been taken by us – you know us so well. All copyright belongs to Staunch Industries.

We love the designs – maybe it’s time to be more outdoorsy with the indoors!



*One of the other fun things is that last month we turned two years old!

One thought on “Staunch Industries

  1. Hello Sara, thanks so much for coming to see us at the show.. look forward to hearing from you again in the near future.. keep up the good work and thanks for supporting Staunch Industries.


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