Handsome beasts

This handsome gentleman arrived yesterday:

He doesn’t look too happy, but he seems to have made himself at home on the sofa and we are delighted to have him. He’ll make several friends here, including this foxy naval officer whose hanging around:

What is it about pictures of creatures with animal heads and human bodies, often in uniform? They are undoubtedly charming and very popular at the moment – but why? Because when you think about it, it is a little curious…

We think it can all be traced back to Charlotte Cory, who is now the Artist in Residence at the Gilbert Scott Bar at the gothic St Pancras hotel. In 2007, she held an exhibition in London called ‘Charlotte Cory’s Cabinet of Curiosities’. The idea behind it was to create photographs using Victorian photographic visiting cards and stuffed animals, which she calls ‘visititorians’, so as to avoid describing them as people or animals. This led to a book ‘The Visitors’ and subsequent projects such as an exhibition at the Globe Theatre and an installation at Haworth Parsonage (home of the Brontës). She also produces furniture with some of her designs – have a look on our Pinterest board. You can see Charlotte’s work on her web site. We don’t like to gossip but apparently the Queen has two of her pictures…

In the last few years, creatures bearing the clear influence of her work have started appearing on cushions and prints all over the place, making visitorian charm available to a wider market. Evans Lichfield have some lovely cushions and our fine naval man came from Fab Funky, where there is an amazing selection of prints (and great customer service).

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