Trevor Jones

Last week, we went to the Edinburgh Art Fair, which is Scotland’s largest annual art show. One of the highlights was seeing the work of (and getting to meet) Trevor Jones, a Canadian artist who lives and works in Edinburgh and whose work combines oil painting and augmented reality. Scan a painting with a special, free, app (Junaio) and a whole other world is revealed. So, for example, scan the cherry blossoms on his business card with a phone or an iPad and a slightly unsettling walk through the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens unfolds. Scan the painting of the mechanism of the Eiffel Tower and the see in action the mechanism that takes the cars to the viewing platforms.

It’s a bit difficult to explain, but visit his website to see the work in action. Trevor uses technology to enhance the viewer’s experience of his art, but his work isn’t technology-led. He has a degree in fine art and teaches drawing and painting at the Leith School of Art. His slogan is ‘where art meets technology’ and it is clearly art that comes first, with the technological aspect helping to explore what we really see in front of us. The paintings are beautiful in their own right rather than just being a vehicle (and check out the lovely tree drawings on the site).

So it’s exciting stuff and we are looking forward to seeing where Trevor’s art takes him. He takes commissions, so if your decor is missing a truly original artwork, he might be the man to help!

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