The most festive, least effort, cheapest Christmas idea!

You know that as well as fabulous and lovely, we also love cheap and easy, right? Well, this has got to be the cheapest and easiest idea for the Christmas season.

Lots of magazines and web sites are packed with ideas for lovely new Christmas decorations (cobalt blue seems a popular colour for lights this year). And lots of them also have hints for revamping old decorations. One that we saw suggested decoupaging existing baubles to give them a new look. Another was to revamp them with glitter and stick-on gems. But that seems to imply that old decorations need a new look – and although we have a firm policy of ‘each to their own’, we have to offer a respectful disagreement on this one!

Christmas decorations aren’t meant to change each year. They’re not meant to be fashionable. Half the fun is getting out the old, sagging cardboard box and seeing the decorations that were carefully packed away last year, and in some cases, each year for many years before that. They come out every year and the memories come out with them. The best decorations are not the newest but the ones that were given by someone special, made by someone special or come from a special place. (Although let’s be honest, sometimes we enjoy the memory and discreetly leave the actual decoration in the box!)

So here is the most festive, least effort, cheapest Christmas idea – your old decorations are great and you don’t have to do anything to them. Not one thing. Reuse what you have and enjoy them and then do exactly the same next year! Add to them if you want of course, but don’t feel under any pressure at all (there’ll always be something else at this time of year to feel under pressure about). Your tree might not be in this year’s latest colour or design theme, but it will be original and full of things that are special to you. And we think that means it will be pretty fabulous and lovely.

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