The view from the fence

Can you remember back past Christmas and New Year to the beginning of December? We know, seems like ages ago. Back in the first week of December, Pantone (the colour systems and technology people) revealed tha18-1438 Marsala is its colour of the year 2015. They think, based on analysis of current trends in various areas that this is the colour we are all going to want for furnishings, interiors, design, fashion and beauty.
Pantone provides accurate colour references but basically it’s a rich, pinky-brown. Lots of people rushed to comment on this at the time, positively and negatively, but we were firmly on the fence about this one and seem to have stayed there for over a month!
First of all, some love it. They claim that it is a useful colour that works well with classic palettes of grey or camel or navy. It’s rich and inviting
Then again, some hate it on the grounds that it is reminiscent of kidneys or dried blood. And some think that it is old fashioned: a throwback to the 90’s or even the 80’s. (We did have some curtains that colour in the 90’s…)
We put some pictures on a Pinterest board so you can check it out yourself if you haven’t already come to a conclusion (and please leave a comment here if you would like to share any views). It can certainly look sumptuous for soft furnishings but it seems to give a traditional look and we’re not sure how well this could be used in a more contemporary setting.
Having given it some thought, there could be a clue in the language that Pantone uses about the colour. It’s described as:
‘equally appealing to men and women’
‘dramatic and at the same time grounding’
‘hearty yet stylish’
‘eye catching but not overwhelming’
having ‘sophisticated earthiness’
Now obviously, different colours can do different things, depending on how they are used, combined and lit – but that still seems like a lot of claims. Could it be that Pantone, based on the extensive research they do with designers all over the world, has been led to something it believes will appeal to all? Something that might even seem slightly familiar and safe? But some people’s familiar and safe is other people’s boring. As of today(8 January) the online poll at The Washington Post was split 48/52 against. (Love the way that they point out that it is not a scientific poll, just in case you were wondering!)
And we’re still not sure either. Just going to have to see what happens – like 2015 in general!
Happy New Year!

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