Another cake!


Remember the heart-shaped cake we made for Valentine’s Day? Well, we used the heart mould to make this guy for a birthday. We made the same chocolate cake and then cut it in half. We used the top half for the dog’s face, as it was slightly domed, and then cut the bottom to make the ears. It’s easiest to use the   top as a template and cut a curved shape so that they fit together properly. There’s a boat-shaped bit of cake left over – cook’s perks!


Then we just decorated with two different frostings, some fudge chunks for the whisker marks, two Galaxy Minstrels for eyes and chocolate writing icing for the mouth. The recipient was delighted and we were pleased to have found another use for the heart-shaped cake tin which otherwise is a bit occasion specific!


Wonder what else can be made out of heart-shaped cake?

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