Raising a glass to the end of summer

September again! Not quite autumn but definitely the end of summer…

So we wanted to share a memory from our travels – one of the most stylish bar interiors ever. The outside is bright pink with a neon sign but this is the inside of El Floridita, in Havana:

P1030773 - Version 2

It was a favourite of Ernest Hemingway (who knew a thing or two about bars) and is supposed to be the birthplace of the daiquiri. (You can see the phrase “la cuna del daiquiri” – “the cradle of the daiquiri” – written behind the bar.) There is even a life-sized statue of Hemingway at his favourite spot in the corner:

Embed from Getty Images

The current decor dates from the 1950s, so slightly later than period in the 30s and 40s when he was a regular. It’s been updated with the odd coat of paint from time to time (and now displays the giant glass used in 2012 to make the world’s largest daiquiri) but still reflects the glamour of the 50s when all the leading Hollywood movie stars popped in at one time or another.

Thanks, summer 2015, you’ve been great. Can’t wait for next year. Cheers!

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