Cracking good idea

Box image 1

This is something we discovered recently – personalised fortune cookies! What a great idea for parties, wedding favours or as a gift. They’re made by a company called ‘Cracking Cookies‘ who make 17 different flavours (that’s a bit of a revelation in itself because previously we’d only had, well, fortune-cookie flavoured ones). As well as ones like vanilla and chocolate there are more adventurous flavours such as coconut lime and black pepper and salted caramel and banana. And they can be truly personalised, so if you order a box of, say, 6 you can have 6 different messages on them.

General 41

Cracking Cookies can also supply traditional messages if you prefer, or even ‘Un-fortunate fortunes, which say things like ‘ Good fortune is coming your way in the form of a bag of gold coins………………… Chocolate coins that is!’ There are also themed ranges for birthdays, anniversaries, new babies and to say ‘thank you’ or ‘congratulations’ and Cracking Cookies offer a bespoke service for wedding fortunes. You can even have entertainment cookies which have contain challenges, charades or conversation topics.

Makes us want to have a party just so we can order some!

Strawberry and Cream Fortune Cookie

(All pictures used with the kind permission of Cracking Cookies, who retain all copyright.)

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